Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The devil vs the buffoon

The devil vs the buffoon

Now that the election is over, sort of, here's my take. Both candidates were a terrible choice. With either one the following will happen:

Q. Baby slaughter will continue.
W. Murderers will go free.
E. The debt will grow with little control.
R. More people will become slaves to the government.
T. Taxes will rise.
Y. Illegal immigration continues.
U. Health costs sky rocket.
I. A few poor high tech start-ups get rich.
O. Single motherhood will rise.
P. The gay agenda will destroy more lives.

The devil would have operated more smoothly.
The buffoon will seem comical at times.

Oddly enough, the press may have been rooting for the buffoon.

Prove me wrong.


Friday, November 11, 2016


There are two basic types of attack that humans come under.

These are physical or character attacks. Physical attacks from humans may be bare fisted or mechanically assisted.
Physical attacks may also come from nature or self inflicted accidents.
Character attacks almost always make use of words.

These attacks are far more common as they occur almost continually from birth to death.

Attacks from God.
Examples include Jacob renamed Israel,  Balaam and Saul renamed Paul.

Attacks from Satan, must be approved by Jesus.
Example Job.

Soul energy attacks from humans.
These are manifested as anxiety, headaches and other mental discomforts. They are also manifested as ailments and illnesses.

I guess viral and bacterial attacks are invisible and physical.

Have a nice day.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Just for the record

Jesus is God.

Somebody had to do it

Win the 2016 US presidential race, that is.
Just so there are no surprises, the future will look much like the past. Gays will still be gay, taxes will go up, Mexicans will sneak across the border.

I know, it's shocking.

No comments, please.

Somebody walked

No the title is not a typo .

I drive to work on major thoroughfare surface streets. There are a few stop lights at intersections and side streets. At side streets the light generally turns red only for a few seconds, giving cars time to zip into traffic. Occasionally though the light will turn red and stay red and stay red. This happens when a pedestrian pushes the crosswalk button. So when the light stays red you know somebody walked.